Privacy is important and having full control over what information you share is paramount. Including the right to change your mind at any time. This section contains details into what data is shared through Cafe Racer and what you need to do if you wish to have that data deleted.


In order to enable Cloud Save functionality and portability between devices, Piguinsoft needs a way to distinguish players. To do that, we use the device’s unique identifier to create a gameID when the user activates cloud saving, which is then used exclusively to link to the respective save file. Your gameID is saved in your Play Games account for Android and keychain in iOS to enable portability if/when you change your device. Data associated with your gameID include coarse location (Country), device type (Android/iOS), account creation date and last log in date.

You can request your data to be deleted by sending an email to, containing your gameID and country of origin since we have no other way to identify accounts, letting us know if you want a partial (save game) or complete deletion of your data.


While Piguinsoft does not directly share your data with any third parties, our Ad provider might retain data if you have watched ads in game and allowed tracking.

More details on what data Unity retains and under what circumstances can be found and you can request your data to be deleted by sending an email to