Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how and what information Piguinsoft gathers about you in our games.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

While Piguinsoft doesn’t collect nor retain any personal information about its users, in order to keep our games free we have to employ several third party tools which may collect non-personal information from users. Piguinsoft might also use Google Analytics to anonymously gather information about how people interact with our products. This information is used by Piguinsoft for internal evaluation of our products in order to guide future development, and may include hardware model, operating system version, and information about gameplay sessions such as score and duration.

Device identifiers and limited ad tracking

In order to keep our users data safe, Piguinsoft serves all its advertising through Heyzap, which uses IDFA on iOS and Advertiser ID on Android, and does not transmit or store information on users who have limit ad tracking enabled. That partnership also ensures that the app is and stays compliant with both Apple and Google’s evolving requirements.

Third Party Privacy Policies

If you wish to see an in depth analysis of all the third party tool privacy policies, you can find them here: